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Vendredi 08 Août, 2014

Le soutien de CCE à l'économie circulaire

How Coca-Cola Enterprise supports the circular economy

Mathias Lenas, Sustainable Packaging & Recycling Director, Coca-Cola Enterprises Mathias Lenas joined CCE in 2001 and has held a number of roles within
Supply Chain since that time, including Transport Manager, Customer Logistics Manager and Director, Customer Logistics for France. He has been Director,
Sustainable Packaging and Recycling since July 2013. Prior to joining CCE, Mathias had a logistics background with Areva Nuclear Company and Shell Petroleum

Why is sustainable packaging and recycling such an important topic for Coca-Cola Enterprises?
Packaging is essential to safeguard the quality of our drinks and ensure their safe delivery to our customers and consumers. It is also an important resource. We are committed to supporting a circular economy by ensuring that maximum value can be gained from the use of resources. We have a clear sustainability commitment to ‘set the standard for sustainable packaging, achieve zero waste in our operations and recycle more packaging than we use’.

Our aim is to lead the industry on sustainable packaging, using our knowledge and building on innovations that we have introduced. We are working to reduce the amount of packaging used for our beverages, and to use renewable and reusable materials which are fully recyclable. We are also committed to sending zero waste to landfill from our own manufacturing sites by 2014 and to reduce the amount of waste we generate in the first place. 99.5% of the waste from our sites is already recovered, which is a fantastic achievement. We will recycle more packaging than we use by ensuring that the amount of material that is collected via national collection schemes, together with the amount of packaging collected or reprocessed through CCE-led
initiatives, exceed the amount of packaging we use across all of our geographies.

How is CCE working on these commitments?
On our sustainable packaging strategy, we have a long-standing program of ‘lightweighting’ our packaging and continue to challenge ourselves to do more, without affecting the quality. Since 2007, we have reduced by 15% to 20% the weight of the packaging we use – such as aluminium, steel, PET or glass. We are also working very closely with our suppliers and technical innovation teams to increase the amount of recycled material in our packaging. Since 2013, all our cans and bottles are 100% recyclable.

Our commitment:
‘set the standard for sustainable packaging, achieve zero waste in our operations and
recycle more packaging than we use'

To continue our closed loop journey, this year, our Grigny manufacturing site in France
started producing PET bottle preforms in-house. This €16 million investment will allow Grigny to produce 500 million preforms annually. Preforms will be used to manufacture all the PET sizes at the site but also in our Clamart and Toulouse facilities in France.

Producing the bottles directly in the plant will allow us to reduce transportation by
266,000km a year and to cut CO2 by 108 tonnes a year.

To raise recycling awareness, using our brands, we continue to influence consumer
behaviour, educating and inspiring people to recycle more. We are very active during
summer festivals and have re-launched our popular recycling activation, Happiness Recycled. Last summer, we joined forces with supermarkets in Great Britain and France to educate and encourage consumers to recycle more at home, with the help of innovative digital and in-store campaigns.

How do you engage customers and other stakeholders on this journey?
Recycling is something in which we all have a role to play and our aim is to establish better recycling habits at home. We are challenging ourselves to develop innovative initiatives to lead the way in encouraging sustainable behaviour change in consumers, and boost recycling rates in our territories.

We already partner with some of our major retail customers in both France and Great Britain. In France, the “Give a new life to your bottle” campaign with Casino gave shoppers the opportunity to make a recycling pledge via the retailer’s online community platform. In Great Britain, the “Together We’re Making Recycling Count” digital campaign with Tesco asked members of Tesco’s loyalty scheme to answer three simple questions about their recycling habits and to make a recycling pledge in return for discounts on Coca-Cola products.

This year we have also launched a new 13-week recycling challenge in partnership with – an open innovation platform for social and environmental good. We asked the 60,000 members for their ideas on how to establish better recycling habits at home. In the first part of the challenge, everyone was invited to share their stories and insights. Following this, people submitted ideas and collaborated to develop and refine them further. The challenge closed on 24 June, and following evaluation by the community and the Expert Advisory Panel, eight final ideas with the most potential for impact have been revealed. More than 700 people followed our Recycling Challenge on and contributed over 205 ideas, which is very encouraging!

On top of these great initiatives to promote recycling, we know that, in Europe,
supplies of recycled plastic (rPET) are still a challenge. How do you respond to
this issue?
Packaging is an important and valuable resource. In Great Britain and France the recycling rates are not as good as we would like, with about 60% of the PET bottles being recycled. At CCE, we have decided to invest heavily in the recycling infrastructure for the collection and reprocessing of materials. Continuum Recycling in Great Britain, our joint venture with More than 700 people followed our Recycling Challenge on and contributed over 205 ideas

ECOPlastics, is the largest and most sophisticated plastic bottle reprocessing plant in theworld. In France, we have also opened Infineo, a joint venture reprocessing facility with APPE, which has increased their existing plant’s rPET capacity by 70%, along with the launch of a new education centre.

About Coca-Cola Enterprises Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is the leading Western European marketer, producer, and distributor of non-alcoholic drinks and one of the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottlers. CCE is the sole licensed bottler for products of The Coca-Cola Company in Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. We operate with a local focus and have 17 manufacturing sites across Europe, where we manufacture nearly 90%of our products in the markets in which they are consumed. Corporate responsibility and sustainability is core to our business, and we have been recognised by leading organisations in North America and Europe for our progress in water use reduction, carbon footprint reduction, and recycling initiatives. For more information about our company, please visit our website at and follow us on twitter at @cokecce.

Mathias Lenas

Directeur Emballages Durables et Recyclage

Mathias Lenas, notre Directeur Emballages Durables et Recyclage, a écrit un blog sur les belles réussites de CCE en matière de développement durable. Cet article a été rédigé pour "2degrees", la première communauté mondiale en ligne d'entreprises appliquant une politique de développement durable.

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